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Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition [Mod]

SCP-087-B: Extended Edition (V3.1) - Review (hopefully spoiler-free) Before I start, let me highlight something else first. SCP-087-B is an indie game, originally made by "Regalis" in 2012, in which the player descends a randomly generated staircase, in hopes of finding out what is it, and if it has...

Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition

I keep getting MAV as soon as I try to launch this game. Can anyone explain what could be causing it or at least say the requirements needed to get it set up correctly (maybe I'm missing something?) please Have you tried just the base game? Also, list your PC specs, and try running the launcher in ...

Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition

'Ello. Figured I'd sign up here, because why not. I'm sure Jack already knows who I am at this point xD. But yeah, I'm one of the many peeps that played this (and also recorded it), and liked it. I'll just leave my playlist here (in spoiler bars OFC) for those of ye.

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