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Re: [1.3.9] "Project Resurrection" Mod (V.3.1 RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC!)

5. What is a "secret NPC" from v3.0 and a "scary event"? - Added a secret NPC in-game and is only spawn-able in console only (Spawn-able isn't the right word. It's "can be activated".) - Added "Scary" Event I found this in the event folder: [newroom005] descr="Scary" Event. Only triggerable when SC...

Re: [1.3.7] "Project Resurrection" Mod (V.2.5 RELEASED ; V.3.0 W.I.P...)

ADMAndrew wrote:
Xander_Palma wrote:I received an update ( v.1.3.8 ). But every time I want to install that update, I get an error: user lib not found.
Do not update. It the project resurrection is for version 1.3.7, very soon (maybe) they will update 3.1 it for version 1.3.9
Allright, i will wait for the update.

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