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Re: Для чего навигационному терминалу сигнал "Velocity_In"? / What navigation terminal signal "Velocity_In"?

Hello, I may have an answer to your question.

From this link -

I found this:
"velocity_in input Sets the steering velocity to the received value. The signal must contain the x-speed and y-speed separated with a comma, e.g. "-50,10"."

Re: Introduce yourself thread

Well I'm late to this because I joined in November but who cares, right? Feel free to just call me Snake, or Snack (If you call me Snack make sure you're specifically quoting me) I'm 17, currently a student on a Music Course, I love playing Guitar, Drums and Bass, my favourite part about playing is ...

Re: Stupid wiring question

chikoeduardo wrote:Hover the mouse over the electronic device and press [E], then just grab the wire you want to remove and either pull it outside the editing box or into an inventory slot.
I do believe he was talking about the editor, not in game.

Re: how do i host a server?

I'm not sure many people can help you when you give very little info.

Check through the files for some sort of console log, I'm not really sure the game will have one but hopefully it will, posting it here might help a bit because people can find out what your problem is.

Re: Barotrauma server

Looking up a video on it might help, I don't think there are port forwarding programs, but again, search up if your router supports UPnP, if it does you can use that when hosting a server, but I don't know if UPnP works so I'm not sure if it will.

Re: Barotrauma server

It depends, if your router supports UPnP then you could do that, but I recommend port forwarding, if your router supports UPnP then you could try that, but I personally don't know if it's a good alternative or not, hope I've helped.

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