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new parameter

stamina will decrease when a character runs, swim faster, use melee weapons and take damage, and when his health reaches 20 units, the stamina will always be empty (the character is seriously injured and cannot run because it hurts).

where the game launcher?

I again decided to download the game from the official site and when the download was completed I opened the game folder in the archiver I found out that the launcher in the folder is missing, why it is not there? It's a bug or for some other reason it was removed.??

a new arsenal and other ideas

it seems to me that the revolver and harpoon of this game is not enough, you need to make a new weapon that's a lot of gameplay. I think the game needs to be added. The pistol uses a 9x19 caliber. A shotgun.everyone knows the game of the dead space, in this game there was a moment when meteorites mo...


this system should appear in the game, it will make life much easier and give a second chance to players in a desperate it works?When a small creature is about to attack a player, then a key pops up which should be pressed or there will not be a counterattack,If the player has time to ...

Re: Agony system

the host can cancel the agony system in the server settings and when the health drops to zero, the character as before will fall into the coma. During the agony, an inscription appears at the top( stop fighting for life)and if you press it that character will die faster, instead of 60 seconds, he wi...

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