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How close are we to completing the New Character models for the Dev Version?

I've noticed Dev Version has several "New art" versions of different characters and Job Clothes. Question is, when are all the models for them coming out officially? Currently the ones we do have are Human (Not Finished yet), Job Clothes, Mantis, "SeaMantis", and Crawler, Also a "Test Human"

Re: Nevermind

Even though I am abandoning this suggestion and making a new one (check it out) what I meant for making the assistant a captain assistant would be an additional Job, the WHAT THE F IS GOING ON job is still ther

New stuff for Security guards (suggestions and balancing)

These are my suggestions and balancings for Security Guards. - First of all, a balancing change would be to make the Security men start in the barracks along with the Engineers, Mechanics and stuff, unarmed and unarmored, they need to take their equipment by going to the armory - Have a Security gun...

Re: Barotrauma Extended v7.1

randymagic241 wrote:
Fabevil wrote:What I meant for gun and magazine I meant actually the Plasma something gun
That's why I said magazine... what I said still applies. They're called gauss guns by the way.
Yeah yeah whatever

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