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30 Dollars

Price is a tad high but its on sale for 25$, the issue is steam.... I have 26 dollars and the tax for the game is like 3 dollars more so rip all of us who tried even with the prices

Re: Steam release

It Would Actually Be Great Because Banning People Would Get Rid Of Them Permanently Due To SteamID's Meaning They Would Need To Buy The Game On Different Accounts To Cause Havoc And They Might Hopefully Add Steam Workshop Support.

Re: Barotrauma Extended v7.3

Maybe Add Some Irl Guns Such As The Ak. Maybe These Guns Could Have Custom Bullet Sprites. Maybe Some Custom Sounds. And You Could Make It So When They Are Used Under Water They Are Useless. Maybe Make A Tutorial Submarine. This Submarine Could Feature The Basics Of How The Bte Mod Works. It Could ...

[BTE] Exploration

Basically A Shuttle You Need To Scavenge Resources On To Survive Pure Exploration For Resources In Order To Make Other Things That Would Be Great To Have Download Link

[BTE]Sector A_V3

Added More Layers And Pumps In Panic Room Doors Delay Adjusted Added Vending Machine In Prison Cameras Are Everywhere(can be controlled in command) Added A New Shuttle (Dock Outside The Ship Under Old Shuttle) (shuttle's may be removed due to lagg)

[BTE]Sector A_V2

Made By DPEG......... Used On The Dpeg Server's Features A Decently Op Panic Room The Sub Has A Ranked Door System Meaning Only Certain Ranks Can Open Certain Doors Also Fe...

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