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Re: Player being teleported to the void from SCP-106 Chamber while walking down stairs

have never encountered this myself, but it almost looks like the 2 rooms clip into each other. if this is a custom map, try to re-arrange the map layout for 106's room, as his room needs a lot of extra space around it than what the map editor shows. otherwise you may need to start a new seed.

Re: Bug with stamina.

someone may correct me if im wrong but i believe this is a permanent debuff you recieve if you get within close range of 966. you may be able to clear it by eating a SCP-500 or something like that.

Re: SCP 079 room bug

this is a bug in the base game, its rare but what happens is sometimes for a reason i dont know of, 079 room will not work on certain map seeds or custom maps. you will need to start a different map seed or if it a custom map, change position of 079 room slightly and it should work.

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