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860-2's genus

So I'm only here because I need to end a debate. Over at the official wiki, two anons got into a bit of an edit war over whether 860-2 was canine or feline. Can I get official word as to what 860-2's genus is to settle this?

Re: A Not-so-Formal Goodbye

Since this thread has gotten more responses than I intended, might as well bud in for a moment. (Skype messages, bleh.) Despite this, he never seemed to consider the good points. The community isn't as bad as he says it is, the mods aren't as lazy as he says they are (Well, not that I've seen, anywa...

A Not-so-Formal Goodbye

Hello, I'm Insanity's Bane. If you're not blind/illiterate/stupid/a combination of any, then you've already guessed what this is about: someone leaving the forums. Most of you hardly know me and/or spoken to me: good. Let's keep it that way. The only way you know me is either by hearsay or I've work...

Re: Tips for surviving middle school this year? (2013-2014)

If anyone is intimidating you(harassing you/pushing you around), ignore them. They usually go away after that. If they don't go away, walk away and find an adult to help. In consideration of how the school system works I would have to say this. If we lived in a better world I would say to beat the ...

Re: Humanizing certain SCPs

Serimah wrote:
LukeDude759 wrote:
Serimah wrote:*snip*
682 as a... female D-Class?

Uh... he looks pretty male to me... as for his clothes.
The eyelashes/eyes look rather feminine to me. The hair also doesn't help with that fact.

Hey, at least it's humanized. I've seen some rather NSFW pics of anthro genderbent 682. So... there's that.

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