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Re: Better SCP-914 Mod [WIP]

You may want to consider reworking the item system and how 914 works if you plan on adding a significant number of additions. Use914 is starting to get bloated like UpdateEvents, the latter of which should have been revamped ages ago. (It's almost 7000 lines long)

Re: Official Five Nights at Freddy's Discussion Thread

From what I've seen, the game is definitely more polished. I still probably won't buy it though, FNaF has never really been my cup of tea with respect to gameplay, story, and horror elements; I don't think this game is going to change my opinion on that. The scariest part of the game is that you don...

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

You can get it off the Windows store. Besides, when Windows 10 fully comes out, it will cost money, unlike when now, it's free. Unless you have Windows 8, I don't think the upgrade to 10 really adds all that much. From what I've seen, all it encompasses other than the obvious interface change is a ...

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

hug0905 wrote: >Noticed that he is using a HP Stream
Oh no! God forbid the guy uses a mediocre laptop!
Surely, with your clearly infinite wisdom regarding the topic, you could give him some pointers rather than being so passive-aggressive about it.

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