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Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

So sad to hear these forums are closing down. I've spent four years of my whole life on these forums, and I don't think I'd be well adjusted to any other forums without this one. RIP Undertale Games/SCPCB Forums (2012-2020), you'll be missed by everyone that's enjoyed hanging around here for as long...

Re: We're closing the forums, no new posts after the end of October

Well snap, that's a shame, I remember coming here to make the most cancerous posts here. God how time flies! I'm sad to see these forums go, but I'm glad to have been here whenever I could, especially since it gave me a good taste of what forum culture is like when I registered here eight years ago.

Re: Offical SM64 Beta Thread

Not to bring back an old topic, but is this beta still in development? There are some errors in this one and I think it needs to be updated. Four years That's like... ancient history.... But to answer your question, no, the Super Mario 64 Beta revival project has been looong dead, to the point wher...

Re: SCP-294 liquids

Here are mine: [Viagra] color = 255, 255, 255 dispensesound = SFX\SCP\294\dispense2.ogg message = That was a little HARD to drink sound = SFX\SCP\294\ahh.ogg blur = 1800 [Cyanide] color = 0, 0, 255 alpha = 0.0 dispensesound = SFX\SCP\294\dispense2.ogg sound = SFX\SCP\294\cough.ogg deathmessage = Sub...

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