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Photobucket links

I was notified on Discord that Photobucket has introduced a 'feature' where you now have to pay for 3rd party image hosting, which has broken many images on the site, including profile pictures, as shown here: S...

Re: The New Suggestions Thread

Regalis doesn't work on the game as much now, so I doubt many new SCPs are going to be added, plus the game has enough SCPs already. Also if you're going to suggest something please be more descriptive than 'add this scp' 'this scp will be scary because it kills you'. If you put no effort into discu...

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

FoxMccloud64 wrote:wsait a minute did something happen about airplane what i missed out
Just some cringey shitposting.

Airplane isn't hard to deal with, we'll just keep banning his obvious alts and remove his posts and eventually he will grow up or at least move on to harass another community.

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