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Sweden V.S Norway!!

Limited to Swedes and Norwegians in debate. Haha only joking, I remember last time! All Swedes can argue together and Norwegians can aswell. ANY who, let begin. I will start my argument for Sweden! (no one get offended pls its only a debate) Norway is a weak country compared to Sweden. Their militar...

Re: Introduce yourself thread

I am Sparkmane and I have not played a half-second of this game because it does not work! But, wut ho, this is my third post and so I am off to file a bug report. Welcome, nice to see that you are here! I...

Re: Break-A-Wish Game

Sparks wrote:
hug0905 wrote: Granted, your brain floats and catches on fire, killing you.
I wish i have Sniffles from Happy Tree Friends.
Wasnt vaccinated, died from a cold.
I wish I had a sense of time.
Granted, but you drown in a large fish bowl...
I wish the next person to post on this thread got 400 million us dollars.

Re: Razer Kraken 7.1

There has to be some kind of adaptor for this idea... The Xbox still has a power brick so i think it will get enough power to the headset. THe headset did not even hurt my ears with i had ear rings on. I guess I better just get a refund and wait for a headset that is made for the XBO.

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