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Re: v6.7/7.0 Predictions?

1025 isn't scary as fuck, but it still needs to be added. That empty containment cell pisses me off. 1025 and 012 are both confirmed, by new I think Regalis meant a secret one, that nothing hints to, or maybe it's a subtle hint. If it's a secret one, then I'm guessing that it's either an easter egg...

v6.7/7.0 Predictions?

I'm gonna keep it simple here.

My predictions:



*Another new 173 design.

*New MTF stuff.



*New Anomolous Duck/s.

And just for the funsies...


Your predictions?

Re: Your favorite SCP

Curious. What are your favorite SCP or SCP's from what you've read? My personals favorite's are 1548, Scantron's and Andrew Swann's proposal for 001, 1440 and to be honest tons of others, there just a few. Oh and SCP-420-J.. I mean who doesn't like a bit of that? EDIT: Before you tell me I put this...

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