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Re: No More Monsters Development *Slight Delay had to be Mad

Release dates change. Maybe they're dealing with some bugs they didn't see before, or they're still improving some things they slacked on. You'd never know. :173: And let's not forget that Maniac lives an apparently busy life (I think. I'd ask him to correct me, but I doubt he's active at the time ...

Re: List Of SCP Game Ideas

Idea: Not Centipedes. [SCP link:] "Ostensibly, SCP-363 are identical to Scolopendra gigantea, or the Amazonian giant centipede. Dietary needs are identical, and DNA inspection has proven no dissimilarities to normal S. gigantea. SCP-363 is, under normal circumstances,...

Re: [NEW] Improved Suggestions Thread

Brunou8 wrote:SCP-963: Can be found on a dead researcher, picking it up could result in a game over or perhaps even a new ending where you manage to escape, but with Dr. Bright controlling your body.
Oh my god. To be controlled by Bright would be the weirdest experience ever. At least for me.

Re: Removal of 372.

RobbieNewton wrote:I suppose its agian worth thinking, if 372 was removed, what logically could replace it in terms of SCP's?
Technically, 513-1 would replace it right there, given it and 372's similar mechanics. It would pretty much be replacing the scip who replaced it...

513-1 be like "Revenge, bitches!"

Re: No More Monsters Development *RELEASE DATE PLANNED*

Another suggestion: Add a SCP-633 :106: The virus attacked all computers and opened the containers caused containment breach :096: In the game: SCP-633 can control robots, the robots can kill the protagonist. :173: The SCP-633 can see of all monitors (in SCP: CB on monitors can see SCP-079) Thought...

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