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Re: Removal of 372.

Nospheratu wrote: In my personal opinion it is advisable that 372 stays included in the game for such cases; besides that more content creates a more diversified expirience which is a good thing.
That's actually a pretty good reason to keep both in.

Re: No More Monsters Fanbase

Other than the few regulars here that have been waiting for the release date (up until Maniac's announcement), we really don't have a fanbase. Well, at least not yet. But I'm not gonna count the possibility out. By the way, the game is just called "No More Monsters", though it used to have its desig...

Re: Removal of 372.

ThePotaterGamer wrote:If anything 372 should go, after all it doesnt scare most of us.
This is kind of one of the reasons why I'd consider taking 372 out. It doesn't seem to come close to what 513-1 does to players when it stalks them.

Removal of 372.

With 513 and 513-1 back in the game, should 372 be removed? I mean, two scips serving the same purpose seems a bit excess. (Sorry for the short post. Really can't find anything else to say.)

Re: My Joke SCP

Since people on the SCP wiki can be pretty critical, I decided to post my joke SCP here instead before posing it to the wiki. Since the forum doesn't have strikethrough formatting, just pretend anything written --like this-- has a line through it. Item #: SCP-XXXX-J Object Class: --Keter-- Safe Spe...

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