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Re: Various Inaccuracies

The 049-2's are likely balanced out to walk simply because having a running enemy that can melee you to death very rapidly would not exactly be enjoyable. Gameplay trumps lore as far as I'm concerned, in this case I think making the 049-2's walk is a fine compromise. For 008 I think its down more t...

Various Inaccuracies

Having read the SCP pages of the SCPs I found in the game, I found some inaccuracies regarding two SCPs in particular that bug me quite a lot. SCP-049-2 SCP-049-2 instances are zombie-like creatures created by SCP-049's surgery on live human subjects... Almost. Yes, they are reanimated corpses made ...

Re: dog

D-7650 wrote:-sum boolshit-
Take this to the PMs if you're gonna be edgy/butthurt, kthxbai.

Re: dog

D-7650 wrote:[youtube]-1yzoiUIGGs[/youtube]
The joke died a long time ago. You're committing necrophilia and I'd like you to stop before you give us cancer.

Re: Funny School Stories?

Here's an actual funny story. It was a Tuesday if I'm not mistaken, last week. We were doing absolutely nothing, so I decided to play Minecraft out of boredom. Mohammed(who's now my boyfriend) joined the game and started building giant dildos in May's(a friend of mine from Sudan) garden. May as a pe...

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

WhiteAce wrote:D-9999, CLGaming, ApplePiah, Cridone, FoxMccloud64

Nuff said, they've all posted this month and happen to know of me either from posts or whichever, but this has been going on for over a year.
Hey, I can put everything behind us in favour of a better future. Haven't I already?

Re: Funny School Stories?

This is a pretty funny story and I think everyone here will laugh at it. I once tried to kill myself when I was 14 and passed out from blood loss and woke up in the hospital. It was pretty funny, I think. Plus it has an important life lesson. Dying is boring, so die only when you're old so it's no d...

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