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Re: scp 087 b UDK port (WIP)

Cridone wrote:
RancidBuffalo wrote:Now now guys, just because his English is poor and he hardly ever makes sense no matter where or what he posts doesn't mean his scripting is poor. I wanna see where this goes.
By scripting do you mean story or scripting in UDK?

Re: Five Nights at Freddy's

Another question to think about is this: What does the puppet do to you? It's just some small, light marionette. It's probably not especially strong. Heck, you could probably fend it off by hitting it with your flashlight. My working theory is that the puppet just comes to create a struggle. The noi...

Re: Multiplayer mod - UNRELEASED

Hi and welcome to the forum! If you look back a few pages, you'll notice that Juan announced that--due to performance issues and B3d limitations--he's decided to do this as part of his Irrlicht port of the game instead, which should be much quicker. However, he released some of his source code in ca...

Re: Five Nights at Freddy's

I think that the bite was delivered to the guy who dressed up in the yellow suit. The animatronics saw it happen, and since they seem to care about children so much, they attacked the murderer. Afterwards, they began acting hostile towards all staff, as noted in the phone call.

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