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Re: Six-Eight-Two

I contained him alone once. You kinda just have to get lucky by luring him in, dodging him, then running into the control room while praying that he doesn't leave.

Re: Turning the lights back on

Guys, the reason the primary lighting doesn't work is because that's what failed in the intro sequence. The secondary lighting came on after 173 dissapeared from the containment chamber. There isn't actually "lighting" in the game. The pre-breach section has a completely different set of models. Whe...

Re: Multiplayer mod - UNRELEASED

This mod will be amazing when it's released, but it might not be released. A mod can die without warning, it's a very real threat for any game. That's why releasing In-Development versions is important. That way, even if the mod were to die, someone else could finish it. That being said, there are p...

Re: Multiplayer mod - UNRELEASED

It's true that a lot of things would be easier, but in the end, you have to remember that this is a mod. It's not a mandatory feature being implemented into the game. If you think it's too easy, go play single player. Besides, I think that the blinking feature with two people would add an element of...

Re: v1.0 bugs, annoyances and more

I have a relatively powerful computer that has run every version since 0.7 at a solid 40 FPS. The latest version seems to run at around 10 FPS for me. I don't understand what it is. I've played around with my GPU settings, I've tried windowed mode. Nothing seems to work against this FPS drop.

Re: Multiplayer mod - UNRELEASED

It would be cool if there were different gamemodes, like one player is a MTF Unit and another player is a Class-D and your goal is to kill the Class-D while re-containing SCPs. Man, I am posting a LOT of comments on this thread. You may as well just make a new game. Modding is only easier than maki...

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