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Re: SCP-294 liquids

Uh, since I read in the wiki that deathtimer can delay the explosion if set to true, I assumed that would work in the game. But I tried it and after the cup is dispensed I immediately die as the explosion happens already. Is this a bug or is it that deathtimer doesn't really work for explosion at all?

Re: What was your best/scariest/funniest SCP-CB moment

Hello! I've just arrived at this forum and I thought that I'd start by saying some moments and stuff with Containment Breach. If I count the bugs, it's fun seeing the MTF guards and the Nine-Tailed Fox soldiers get stuck in the door :laugh: I guess it also counts as kinda funny one time when after I...

Re: Introduce yourself thread

Uh, hey guys. Autotroph here, living in the Philippines, 16 years old so far. Dunno why I decided that'd be my name on the forums; it just came suddenly. Anyways hello and I've just been playing SCP: Containment Breach and I already love playing the game. Even though initially I was terrified to eve...

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