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Re: Containment Breach Unity Edition (2017) - Latest Build: 0.5 (6/3/17)

[youtube]luuK__SuWZk[/youtube] OMG YAAAAASS! By the by, I doubt you'll need it but I'm willing to offer my services if you need help in the realm of voice acting. I'm decent at it and know my way around audio editing software. The developer of a yet to be disclosed mod for CB dubbed SOMA Containmen...

Re: Introduce yourself thread

Hi everyone! I'm newbie here :D. I'm quite a gamer myself and currently I'm still playing games, especially RPG. Some of my favorite are: Dragon Age Origins & Inquisitions (both are excellent, Origins has exciting story, Inquisitions with dragons slaying part), Witcher 3 (excellent story telling an...

Re: Why

honestly though, why all the talk over a ficken loading screen?

Re: Containment Breach Unity Edition (2017) - Latest Build: 0.5 (6/3/17)

Haha 173 teleporting out of nowhere was priceless lol. Glad you liked your room in the game! I definitely will be adding animations and events like goal for 106 is that he spawns infrequently but when he does it's time to GET OUT Hmm not a bad idea. Just simply having him teleport to you ...

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