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Announcement by me:

Dear members(and moderators): You're right.I don't belong to forums.You are all adding me to your foes list and none adds me to their friend list. Also,i'm sorry for posting stupid threads,i just wanted to win your attention to me.So i am not making these threads anymore. Please forgive me for what ...

Re: No more updates

A few users have pointed out to me that SCP:CB would get drowned in a Halloween update because of the sheer amount of other games are receiving a big update. Theres a good chance I might finish up some content for a November / December update. Otherwise I hope everyone has a good Halloween (Fall is...

Re: Mod helper(i have Blitz3D)

slender1200 wrote:
d9346 wrote:I wish i could help with a mod.
So you can code? If so, I need help with my mod. I had some code in 1.1.5, but it got rekt when I updated. Do you want to do it? lied to you(btw i'm good not medium).I on't know how to code but i can voice act.

Please forgive me for lying... :'(

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