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Re: Greenlight is being retired - what does this mean for Barotrauma?

It doesn't mean much for Barotrauma, because the switch to Direct doesn't affect games that have already been greenlit. And no, we won't see an early access release before the transition - Direct will apparently launch next week so there's no way we can get the game ready for release by then.

Re: Help Hosting/Joining Servers

Have you forwarded the port you're hosting on? There's some instructions in the FAQ in the main page: If it seems that players are unable to join your server after starting it from the “Host server” menu, you may have to setup port forwards on your router in order to let incoming connections through...

Re: Why not on Steam yet?

I have mixed feelings about early access. Personally I dislike the early access model and it seems that some BT players share my view - I've gotten a lot of negative feedback about the "we might go early access at some point" remark on the main page. On the other hand, if people really want to throw...

Re: Ecosystem

Rain World Tried this last week and I think I'm in love. Going in a similar direction would definitely make the ocean a more interesting place and the creatures feel less like robots whose only purpose is to serve as an obstacle between you and the next outpost. Even if we don't end up going as far...

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