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Re: Dev Topic

Combine wrote:I wonder if the MTF have any new things coming soon.
Yep. They will react to the SCPs and try to contain them for example. I'll also improve their AI and make it possible to hide from them (now they just head straight to you no matter where you are).

Re: Screw Around Thread V2: Pingas Approved Edition

>by SFK363 >SFK363 Your "stop hating" -thread was exactly what you shouldn't do if you don't want to get yourself banned. You know, people wouldn't hate you so much if you didn't make such a scene every time someone says ...

Old versions of SCP-CB

SCP-CB V0.1 The first public release of Containment Breach. SCP-CB V0.1.1 v0.1.1 - added the option to select the graphics- and audio device in the launcher - fixed the bug that occasionally stops the door from opening in the first room - fixed the collision problems with the containment doors (gli...

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