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Re: How do you add doors to your room

Hello I'm fairly new to modding in SCP CB but I was wondering how do you add extra doors to your room? I was wondering that too Go to Then in FillRoom function create a case for your room. Add a door with your coordinates

Re: [1.3.X] More SCPS Mod (Release Date Revealed ; Masked SCP Sneak Peak)

diszxchat, i'm wondering will SCP-006 and SCP-999 be drinks from 294 like it was in fan breach or will they appear as themselves in there own room ? well I don't know about SCP-006 but SCP-999 though I saw it featured in the 294 drinks mod I also tried this out myself it worked its a pretty cool id...

Re: [1.3.X] More SCPS Mod (V.2.5 - Ready to be released yet)

I'm really excited! I can't wait to play the update of this mod when it comes out diszxchat Good mod I would really like to support this mod :D I love experiencing/encountering different things or different SCP's in the game. this is a really cool mod :D :) Also SCP-006, SCP-1079, SCP-999 I never sa...

Re: [1.3.X] SCP - Nine Tailed Fox Mod (v0.2.0 in progress again)

There was no news for a while.. I should change that :wink: [youtube]WR7uzrdb4bw[/youtube] Was that a new scp in the doorway that you passed before you went up the elevator or is it one that is already in the game. I don't have the mod so I was wondering? That is a new place for SCP-008 floor 2 is ...

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