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Re: A preposition

PatrykWinner wrote:I don't think it could be made on console's(too old engine that game have)and there is scp cb fan made game on phone as far i remember.
Now more than other platforms we should see other operating systems such as Linux, Mac or that I know. :?

Re: [1.3.7] Half-Life Resonance Cascade v6.3.5.2 (Remake) - The FINALEST version!

Now, the real final version of the mod. Download it here: That no longer more updates :shock2: this mod gives for much more I would like to see implemented more things of the Half Life :D , please do not discontinue it :oops: . . . ...

Re: [1.3.7] Half-Life Resonance Cascade v6.3.5 (Remake) - Final version!

A really good mod I downloaded and I was impressed are not recolores of characters are complete models and the example scenes The death of the scientist Ross was replaced by :EXPUNGED: Poor Eli :'( I would have liked to see a woman scientist. :idea: Now if I can wait for Half Life 3 to come out http...

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