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Re: SCP-970 Theory

Good theory :D but it has many holes...
TheSilverStove wrote:If you look even farther you could see a body laying in the blood with a MTF guard say something to you that slowly gets distorted.
it is not the voice of an MTF guard, it is the security chief flanklin :|

Re: [1.3.7] "Project Resurrection" Mod (V.3.0 - Slow development)

The mod is not technically dead people. It's just that I haven't been working on it due to some... complications (Related to coding stuff). Right now, I had not added any of the events for room006 that has been completed. I was just understanding how the other room events works. :/ Never understand...

Re: [1.3.7] "Project Resurrection" Mod (V.2.5 RELEASED ; V.3.0 W.I.P...)

Xander_Palma wrote:I received an update ( v.1.3.8 ). But every time I want to install that update, I get an error: user lib not found.
Do not update. It the project resurrection is for version 1.3.7, very soon (maybe) they will update 3.1 it for version 1.3.9

Re: Gate C Ending?

PatrykWinner wrote:Yes i think it would be nice if gate C was added,it would add something new to the game.
I think it should be alluded to with less importance to the game, as the intro announcer refers to her in a message like "Dr. █████ report immediately to the Gate C for extradition"

Re: [1.2.4] SCP - Nine Tailed Fox Mod (v0.2.0 in progress again)

Class D Infected Scientist Infected Clerk Infected Nice textures! Did you make them or it is from somewhere else? Yes, I made them :D . I make them in power point...

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