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Re: [WIP] Stuff

Very Fine.

But I still consider, that those batteries with 20000 power are very expensive for the company (The Nibbler is using 5000 most noted around default subs).

If you have done testing, does it mean you can remove pointless glitched light?

All those cons aren't truly great deal.

Re: Для чего навигационному терминалу сигнал "Velocity_In"? / What navigation terminal signal "Velocity_In"?

I explain more easily according to above reply: You can attach with a wire one navigation terminal to another, navigation terminal with velocity in will set for example "X" to a value in the first terminal, that has a wire for "X" connected with velocity in to second navigator. If the first terminal...

Re: [WIP] Stuff

Looks proficient to me, but it's a cheat submarine, since it's using unlimited power bug. PROS: *Secured by railguns from all the sides. *Shuttles doesn't make it more difficult to land. *2 Docking ports. *Simple to get around the ship. *Logically looking beginning resupply.... CONS: *...with an exc...

Re: Europa Shuttles & Speeders

Congratulations for making an extremely fast shuttle! PROS: *Has it's own maintain panel. *High batteries capacity. *Own starting content. *Extremely fast... CONS: *...which breaks the game logic, since it looks like breaking physics or cheat submarine... *...also provokes submarine crash accidents ...

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