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Re: [BTE 8.3b] The Minerva V1.6

[BTE 8.3b] The Minerva V1.6 Another update today, surprise! - Hidden an EMP charge somewhere on the submarine. - Un-locked some of the machinery/doors. - Added a red alert that can be turned on in Command. - Made the engine relays wrench proof. - Added an inactive alarm to security if, for example,...

Re: [BTE 8.3b] The Minerva V1.5

[BTE 8.3b] The Minerva V1.5

- Added an LRS to weapons.
- All railguns will now prioritise firing the shell loader.
- Fixed a flare popping off at the start of the round.
- Added shutters all around Command.
- Workshop has even more electronics to get crazy with, and build locks and other shit.

Re: [BTE 8.3b] The Minerva V1.4

[BTE 8.3b] The Minerva V1.4 - Added wires to workshop, as well as more electronic components for crew to get creative with. - Added an LRS to the aft dorsal airlock (Scalpel airlock). - Single railgun loader has been made usable by all railguns now. - Hid a fulgurium power cell somewhere aboard the...

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