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Re: SCP Objects Mod Version 0.3

So iv been keeping a eye on both yours and agaustus SCP mods and I was think why don't you two work together to create something beautiful with it you both obviously try to make it a reality so all of us scp fans enjoy secureing and containing scps under the sea think about it. I actually was worki...

Re: SCPTrauma!

2115Rhino wrote:
augustus espresso wrote:
blitzbrigade wrote:I think it's important to be noted that if you join the server to get the download link, do so, then promptly leave, you'll be permanantly banned from it.
Who said it was permanent?
How long is it then?
Why do you ask?

Re: SCPTrauma!

Minor Update
In the wake of my growing community, I noticed there were a lot of people who couldn't play with us because of time zones and what-not. So i appointed another hoster and he caters best to the Russian/European time zones!

Lots of love,
- Augustus

Re: SCPTrauma!

MysteryMan21333 wrote:Gotta say this mod is looking good I look forward to any other updates in the future!
Thanks bb c:

Re: BTEMinus Development

I remember seeing some of the sprites for this a while back!
I'm guessing this mod will add more to BTEP? (Still questioning the Minus part)

Also, i'd love to help in any way possible to further increase my modding skills.

Re: SCPTrauma!

SCPTrauma Update! Updated to Alpha 6 The Micro Update I plan on adding the download link to the forum for public after Alpha 10. Don't expect a bunch giant updates. Update Rundown... -Added a Microwave -Added a Large Secure Locker -Fixed the 05 MTF Cap - :REDACTED: -Nerfed the 11mm Round stun durat...

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