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Re: How to medic

Zagy wrote:
Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:07 pm
Don't agree on CPR: in my cases they are bleeding which means that you are practically pumping the blood out of the patient
I forgot about that but everywhere else it’s a good thing to do

Re: How to medic

Also if some one could tell me how to get adrenaline glands swim bladders and elastine that we be great. Also u get alien blood from crawlers just grab them and you’ll se a little inventory with it in the bottom left

How to medic

1. For the love of God actually revive people. You think this wouldn’t be on here but it is. 2. CPR: if you find a guy immediately do CPR to fill up the red bar as much as possible so you can collect yourself and figure out how to treat them 3. Plasteel: this stuff is gold ok. It got 4 uses and is b...

Re: SCP Anomalies Mod V0.4 [OLD]

2115Rhino wrote:
Sat Jun 08, 2019 6:15 pm
Just an update to anyone who sees this, the mod will be updated and built using new mod tools from Barotrauma's Steam Version.

Just to let those know, the mod isn't abandoned, and we've been gathering assets to use and put in the mod. (New armors, guns, and SCPs)

Source- One of the devs


Ok this literally just happened. So I was on and we are doing a artifact the crew was taking forever to go out and get the damn things so I got out solo. I manage to grab artifact but the sub moves and I lost it. After like 10 minutes of search (I brought extra bottles) I find the sub. Of ...

Can someone make a ikea sub

The IKEA sub was a small thing where almost everything was unwired (accept for a single crafted connected to a battery). Before this sub had two major flaws 1. You could not go outside or dock with shuttles 2. There was no welder fuel and you couldn’t craft in in legacy so RIP The whole premises was...

Make your Medic’s life easier.

Please for the love of God stop asking me and my fellow medics for drugs when you have barely lost any health, meds are limited and very powerful so using it to “top off your health” is a waste. Also if you do need help drop a medic beacon it’s the little circle that looks like it’s made out of tria...

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