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Re: [0.9.3] 3D Main Menu

InnocentSam wrote: For developers, if you can't port the code then you probably shouldn't be playing with it, considering juanjpro has made it blindingly easy to port/update/merge.
I don't know how this can be stressed anymore.

Re: Irrlicht Port

what does the Irrlicht engine support in terms of... networking? Irrlicht isn't like Blitz3D or Unity, which are designed for making games. Irrlicht is a graphics engine that has a lot of stuff that can be used for games, but sound and networking are not included. Ah, ok, although I meant support i...

Re: Irrlicht Port

My god, I don't know how this passed under the radar. It's really needed, I supposed you could have done everything in Blitz3D, but with the amount of spaghetti code it needed a fresh start. Question, you DID recode it cleanly right? Ah hell, never mind, from what I saw of the BoH stuff you did it w...

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