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SCP:CB Dota Players Get Together?

So like, who here plays dota? I know Mirocaine and InnocentSam do, but I am here to root them out. And collect their souls. Anyways, if anyone else does we should totally play together sometime or something. Yep, something like that. As for LoL players who are willing to a̶d̶m̶i̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶i̶r̶...


Dammit, I was hoping for ERIC BREACH, but this is close enough.
Laughed at the second picture, complements to the HOE, I mean JOE, for them faces.
In all seriousness the above was a type that I was too lazy to redo, just rolled with it.
Seriously though, tell him he's awesome.

Re: Coming Out.

SCP-Sean wrote:that post you just made reminds me of peanuts. No pun intended, actual peanuts, like the nuts. Imma go eat some now.

wait what?
As long as I'm not in the bag, no nuts. Wow, I'm such the punster aren't I?

Re: Earthquake Interrupts Vlog

How often do you guys happen to have tremors and such over there? I know it's super rare but it still happens right? By over there I assume you mean Hisamera? I live in Cali by the San Andreas, haven't had some bad earthquakes but have had some minor shakers where worst case scenario a glass or a p...

Re: Coming Out.

Pretty late to the party, all I can say is that I saw this coming, not surprised. Honestly it is a choice is my personal belief, but whatever. I really doubt anyone cares, but like bros are cool because you can just hang around them and they understand, having a gay guy in your group can get awkward...

Re: Multiplayer mod - UNRELEASED

Sorry for the lack of progress, I'm currently busy with the Irrlicht port. It might be a good idea to make the mod with the new engine because C++ will allow me to manage stuff easier. Blitz3D's syntax is making the mod difficult to continue, but it's not cancelled. Ah, you're porting to the Irrlic...

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