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a deep blue night courtesy of the full moon fireflies and dandelion seeds 27102015 dance in the breeze like a kite let the tranquility flow like an angel's bow it doesn't last forever remember even in such a quiet place you must watch your pace death and bloodshed kanningu wait about any corner of y...

Re: SCPCBIrrlicht

CommanderPro100 wrote:
Brunou8 wrote:Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I'm currently working on a new room for SCP-895. Feedback is always welcome.
Well isn't someone an asshole?

That room looks great Bruno! It looks much closer to the live feed than the spiral staircase and singular hallway we have currently.

[FORUM GAME] Undertow Games Forums TV Tropes Page Simulator

The rules are simple, we just make posts as contributions for a hypothetical TV tropes page. Also, more rules: 1.) You must include links to given tropes or media. 2.) You have to be familiar with the TV Tropes format in order to participate in this shit Idiot Ball : The entire damn forum. Love Tria...

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