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Re: Rate the song thread!

INFINITE561 wrote:
Baronobeefdip wrote:Jeez infinite, you are really pissing a lot of people off today. Me, for one. Are you gonna end up like Combine/Thisisme, or me? I hope not.
Who the hell are combine and thisisme?
You haven't been around long enough.

Re: Yo wossop,

Baronobeefdip wrote:Yeah. I love this community, and I was a huge dick, so I think I'll come back, if It's ok with everyone else.
fag, readd me on steam

Re: Tis my 18th.

Sparks wrote:
SFK363 wrote:Congratulations, you're now the only adult on the forum besides Serimah & The Red Menace.
Ahemm, I'm 20 years old you know, so theres more adults here than you think.

yakashi you are 17 stop being drunk

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