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Re: SCRAMBLE gear?

If they perfected it, they wouldn't just have one in the chamber, they would give everyone a pair in case of a containment. It wouldn't be a secret thing.

Also, that's not how 173 works.

Re: Skype

Getting an IP address is extremely easy, so if you are paranoid about that, then you shouldn't be using the internet at all.

Re: Various models for consideration

Not sure, maybe you can. If not, you can always make his eyes completely white, the effect would be similar enough. I was thinking than when it passes past the door, it doesn't stop and look at the player, it just walks past. While when peering over the door, then it'll look at the player directly. ...

Re: Various models for consideration

Yeah, I'm thinking that it would be worse for people who don't know that it is harmless. For common players, they would just get scared when they see it, because you know its creepy as hell. However, for new players it will be hell. Image when they turn around to leave a room and they see it peering...

Re: Various models for consideration

Well, it would be mostly it running from you after you see it. That's what the document says it mostly does. And maybe you could see it next to a door frame, just it peering over the side of the door looking at you, that would be pretty creepy. Or it walking past a doorframe when you are close to th...

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