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Re: Low poly SCP-096

I'm surprised that some models of SCP:CB aren't low-poly, since it's really easy depending on the software. On 3DS Max it is as easy as assigning the "Optimize" modifier on the model. There's a plugin for Blender, but I don't know that software.

Re: SCPCBIrrlicht

SyphenTV wrote:
InnocentSam wrote:Isn't that just SCP-173's model changed to the hairy spider one?
No, it is a different model using SCP-096's AI. Juan said it spazzed out whenever it moved.
I did wonder if it was 096 but I thought 096 follows only the path it's given; that one looks like it has deviated ever-so-slightly.

Re: SCPCBIrrlicht

juanjpro wrote:Next week I'll try to work harder on this and at least implement another NPC.
The Class-D's should be an easy enough NPC; standard resting state, dead state, and a moving state. The moving state could actually be done as a function: give it an A to B and let the A* do the rest.

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