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Re: SCP-689?

It protects you from inmediate effect memes, weak to medium mental influences and manipulation and persuasion, anomalous or not. lol But all you do with this argument is to strengthen my suggestion. So because I posted the information of the article which explicitely stated that 714 only worked wit...

Re: [Model] SCP-1370 (Pesterbot)

Well, we focus more on canon SCP's and trying to make them as canon as possible. This is, however, a very great model, and what modeling engine to you use? Why, thank you! I use 3ds Max, and Mudbox usually, but since he's got such a simple design I haven't needed to sculpt anything on this one. I r...

Re: D-Class Promotion?

I believe that D-Class aren't killed at the end of the month unless they've done badly in their time of experimentation, however, if they've done good and behaved, they would go through amnestics to remove their memory of the Foundation.

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