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Re: The New Suggestions Thread

did any of you watch the video in my previous post? I think that you should because it will give you an idea of the type of thing I am trying to convey. I saw the video and I decided that the game needed something like that and I thought that a morgue or an autopsy room, or perhaps an entirely diff...

Re: The New Suggestions Thread

I just had a really great Idea for a new room in the game. Somewhere in the facility is a room where they keep the bodies of people who were killed by SCPs. You can find this room and see bodies killed in various disturbing ways, and perhaps one of them is not quite dead. That sounds like a ton of ...

Re: My first model ;)

I fucked up the model horribly (I can't even open it in Blender or Misfit Model 3d) and it isn't good at animation, I tried moving its arm and it stretched like a deformed creature, so the model isn't stable anymore.

Re: [Model] Coffee Cup

Akatos wrote:
Princess Luna wrote:Nice job, though it's a bit high poly.
I know, I'll see if I can reduce the polycount soon.
PM me the link of the model and I can reduce it to 200 or below in poly's using MeshLab.

Re: My first model ;)

SCP-Sean wrote:Why do I feel this model would be good for :106: (if it had a head change and was more High-Polygon) :?:
I can bring the quality of this model up a substantial amount, and I can improve the texture if needed.

Re: Rooms suggestion thread

Remember, the Foundation loves to research stuff, so they don't incinerate bodies right away, or else they wouldn't get their research done, am I correct?. Unless it's an effect of an SCP such as SCP-008 or SCP-049-2. They also like to conduct experiments on the victims of SCP-008 to study it furth...

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