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Re: Odd experiences

Nick Wickstrom wrote:that's creepy-looking... o_o
Ha ha ha, I used to live there from 2000 to 2008. Moved there when I was 8, Left when I was 15 - 16.

Got to love London and it's haunted houses.

Re: Odd experiences

Is that a shadow in the window left of the door? I told you. It is a very eerie house. As far as I know, No one lives there anymore. The Upper Windows on the Left were for the Spare Room. It was a Purple Room which was as cold as the attic. My friend stayed over there and woke up yelling. He said h...

Re: Odd experiences

Mine is quite disturbing. Back in the Mid-2000s, I lived in this House. It was a typical semi-detached house. It was rather expensive and big but the thing is.. The House was cold. Very Cold. There was always a breezy, sticky feeling to it. Once, I was sleeping in my room and suddenly woke up. I cou...

Re: New Youtube Layout Thoughts?

You know, they should probably get some people to try out new layouts and see if they like the changes before F***ING WITH EVERYTHING AND NOT GIVE A S*** They sort of did. Before the Update, My YouTube kept switching between at least five different layouts. I had screenshots somewhere so I could sh...

Re: Miscellaneous art thread

If it's small you can post it with an image, but if it's huge, like a really nice vectorization, post a link. EDIT: Here's jeff. Ok, Thanks. Pretty nice sketch. Here is one that I drew, Back when I was playing Penumbra : Black Plague - It is an old...

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