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Re: v1.0 bugs, annoyances and more It's kinda weird because I didn't make any changes to the source and this works. Something is wrong with Regalis' compiler, I think. IT WORKS WITH UPTO 60 FRAMES YOU NUMBER JUUUAAAANNNNN (see what i did there?) anyhow, seems like you, monoclebios and Regal...

Re: Dev Topic #4

Yeah, that'd probably make them a bit scarier. I think the article doesn't mention them making any other sounds than those imitations, but it doesn't say that they couldn't make sounds of their own either, so I guess it's in the confines of the article. The combat log sounds pretty vicious: http://...

Re: 106 Spawns With 914?

106 wanted my ass every single video in that series. His spawn is also bugged, he randomly spawns underneath you at times (which is ok) - but this can happen while you're in SCP-860 aswell (as you'll see in my seventh video). WTF REGALIS, SCP-106 = OP I DEMAND A NERF TO HIM. GG NO RE :079_2:

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