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Re: The Bloop

Actually Destructoid, they have found a creature larger than a submarine that still exists. Just most people don't believe it because it's so rarely seen. Megalodon. They have photgraphs, a video or two, and even a dive time for I think it was 6,000 feet in only a couple of minutes (that's faster t...

Re: The Bloop

While it would be cool if it were a massive mysterious sea creature we've never heard of common sense dictates such a thing just wouldn't exist. Where would it get it's nutrients? Anyways it really does stir up your imagination. I'm just thinking of a massive explosion happening under the ocean whil...

Re: A family problem.

Shit that's fucked up. From an outside perspective both look like they've got problems and perhaps and issue outside your power might have caused them ti get pissed at each other. Just try not to get involved.

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