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Re: [PSA] A warning to all users, regular and admin/mod..

Just don't pay attention to it, report and move on. Just be careful with any links around. So you're suggesting that some useless, arbitrary YouTube video limit should be enforced on to the (few) people here because this one prankster did something. I'm sure in some country, hampering the freedom of...

Re: v1.3 Update

AveryLP wrote:I made a document for SCP-1499.
Feel free to tell me if there are any improvements that can be made.

It looks quite like something you'd see in-game! I recommend fixing the spacing a bit (some margins to the left and right), and it'd look super good.

Re: Is this game dead?

Nah, all good things must come to a end eventually. I'm hopeful about the upcoming 1.3 patch releasing soon. No one ever expected SCP:CB to be developed forever, but to see how far its come just shows how great a game it is. Besides, there's always the chance for future SCP inspired games to be mad...

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

it's no secret that when I post something, it is more than likely ignored by the mass amount of people (mostly in a certain skype group) in the forums. i don't think anyone on the skype thing (which isnt even cb anymore anyway) reads the forum cept a handful. I will not add you on steam or give out...

Re: dog

Omniary wrote:Wow, great memes guys, time to put these into the secret General Off Topic meme depository ;;a65^))
no seriously guys what is this 2014
woah buddy are u a bit me me aggravated?

: ^ )

Re: Is this game dead?

well, it's time to port the o'l scp cb to a newer engine. i scrapped the udk one so don't ask me about it. but lord reg, please don't use unity Perhaps because it's so easy to get into that inexperienced developers can use it to churn out complete crap and give the engine a bad reputation...? I'm n...

Re: SCPCBIrrlicht

SyphenTV wrote:
Hubbawubba64 wrote:
juanjpro wrote:eventually.
Frankly, I'm happy he's putting of the Irrlicht Port. I would love to see what PulseGun becomes in the future.
a meme hell

Undertow Games Discord Chat --- Forum Chatroom and Baro stuff!

Since the old topic is kinda mixed with other stuff i decided to make another one. Join in to the official Undertow Games Discord to talk with people from both the SCP:CB and Barotrauma communities. :) We're around Discord most of the time so you can notify us of stuff there if needed! Only rules ar...

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