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Re: The New Suggestions Thread

SCP number: SCP-075 SCP nickname: the Corrosive Snail. In game mechanics: This SCP would roam around in the metal pipe hallways, leaving a trail of corrosion in it's wake, and when the player find it, it would be perched onto a wall, with a thick puddle of corrosion underneath it. If the player gets...

SCP-513 hallucination.

Just an idea, but after a while of ringing SCP-513, you begin to see hallucinations, like dead bodies on the floor that fade away when you see them, 513's face briefly covering the screen, hearing noises of the bell ringing getting louder, and just things to make the player panic.

Re: SCP-914 Forum Game

Output: a mysterious tape labeled "NOT A PORN TAPE". When played it showed nothing but Nickolas cage faces everywhere on the screen. Subjects who watched for more than five minuets claimed that 'Everyone's face was now Nickolas Cage's face'.

Input: The puppet (marionette)
Setting: Fine.

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