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Re: Coming out of the closet

Trololololol. Eh yonzo's not perfect. Neither am I. Nor you. But hey its not like anyones always at eachothers throats right? or has there been events like tha on these forums? There's been a lot, all ending in tears or at least, locked threads. But on topic, I may be comfortable about my bisexuali...

The 914 game

Here's a popular forum game with an SCP twist. First person states an item they're putting in to 914 and the setting they're putting it in on. The next poster states what comes out, and then adds their own item/setting. Example: Person A says "Chocolate Chip Cookie on 1:1!" Person B says "You get a ...

Re: Coming out of the closet

offtopic: is SFK is that bad? i think he is a normal guy with good humour sense To clarify, I am SFK, just under a new name and permission to use the forums at the moment. And no, if you seriously think I had good humor, you should reconsider your brain cells. Trololololol. Eh yonzo's not perfect. ...

Quick Question

If SCP-173 cant move while in the eyesight of any living thing. What does it do if it encounters someone or something that either

A. Cannot blink.

B. Is blind.

C. has xray vision and can see 173 through walls.

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