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Re: [v1.3.0] Monitor Room Collision

What? On this specific map seed, the containment chamber of SCP-205 spawned next to the monitor room. To be sure, I turned on wireframe and saw SCP-205 below the stairs. I'm sorry if it's not clear to see on the picutre. You will get it when you see it. I can send you the save file too, if necessary.

[v1.3.0] Monitor Room Collision

You can't go up the stairs to the monitor room with this map seed: ltdwcx Here is the point where I can't continue walking up: Same position with wireframe on reveals the problem:

Re: v1.3 Update

The wait was definitely worth it. This is one of the best updates for SCP:CB. I just played through both Gates, and despite there beeing still some issues, I had a ton of fun. At this point, I feel like an MAV is just part of the game experience anyway. That beeing said, I think I had a lot less pro...

Re: Mod Compilation Thread

Its an honor to see my mod up there, but it is playable with v1.1.5 of the game too. Well, its just the sounds so, I wanted to ask if you could change the title from [1.0.6] to [1.1.5]. And may I suggest that the alphabetical order should be slighly changed, because many mods begin with "S" of cours...

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