Re: (Canceled) Mirror's Edge: Containment Breach

Zarpox wrote:Why is it Canceled? :?
Brunou8 wrote:Yeah, I'm wondering the same.
If I were to put as much energy into an SCP-CB UE4 conversion, it would've been out by now ages ago (yep). Don't forget that I'm not using some Mirror's Edge SDK and building it, I'm modifying a game which has almost all base UE3 functions cut off. Notice how there were no huge modifications or total conversions for Mirror's Edge; the highest it ever went to is a Portal2 map. That means that, I'm technically making my own game from scratch and with handicaps. It was also going as far as I wanted to replace everything Mirror's Edge has.

Modifying a game (which is pretty old; 2008) with some very hard restrictions is not easy, especially when you are limited to Kismet, bugged importers, almost nothing can be exported for editing (yes, the export function is dead, unless it's your content/it works only with textures). There are gigabytes of my own made content that was used, barely any content from Mirror's Edge was used (only the soldiers, guns and the characters, some small assets). Also the work-flow with older Unreal Engines is pretty slow. All the room models were modeled by me from scratch, and to make it look impressive, there are loads of room variations.

I worked probably for 7months-1.2years and I barely got any where, I still had heavy cont and the office zone to finish+a gigantic pile of bugs to fix+AI stuff using Kismet... If Mirror's Edge had everything it had before (all the UE3 functions), I would've finished this all ages ago and we would've also played a Mirror's Edge Multiplayer. :D

Right now I'm busy learning GD skill using UE4; it'll bring much more than this. Hope this sums it up well.

Edit: I haven't displayed the new content since the SCP-049 trailer. A lot of things were added since the last preview. If you want screens of unfinished content, ask, I'll post them once I have time.

Re: (Canceled) Mirror's Edge: Containment Breach

Friendly necropost!

I just wanted to request Abincyprus to post screens of the unfinished content he talked about. This was a great mod and I would like to highlight it had a pretty good level design, the ambience was really well done and the color scheme was nice. You see, I'm currently studying Video Game Design and I would like to see content from someone more experienced than me. You know, things like the development process (which is basically the whole thread), planning, etc. If a mod wants to lock this thread so be it.
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