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TheHoongs wrote:
Abincyprus wrote:Moar public progress plz. :P
I like this project.
Hey Abincyprus,

I am currently working on the beta (actually I am doing nothing) and the beta will be open to the public in ( HYPE-MODE ACTIVATE) NOVEMBER 1st (which is my gf's birthday(perfect huh!) not really). So yeah,you got that to look forward to! Though there is some bugs with the beta so it won't be as "perfect" as you think(probably some bugs) but it will be awesome trust me!

(Also your SCP mod for Mirror's Edge is AWESOME,keep it up :) )
Thanks! ^^ Can't wait for your game.

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At the top it says this project isn't dead, but not gonna lie it kinda looks dead...

Is there a blog or something that you update? I am learning 3D modeling and I was looking around for a little project to work on along side my modeling classes for extra practice. All these little ports seem to fail but I thought I would see what the status of this one was.

Re: Keter Project

Are you still working on this game? Do you need a voice actor? Pm me and let's talk :D

EDIT: Also, if you'd like I can maintain a blog for you.
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Re: Keter Project

TheHoongs wrote:
That Same Anon wrote:
TheHoongs wrote:The game will generate the map at runtime which means that the walls will moving around when you least expected it!
dude, this would be awesome. So nothing would remain the same?
If you could somehow code it so that any rooms out of that radius were deleted from memory when unrendered, when you would backtrack, it would generate a second time, with a chance of a different room! Of course, this would need custom PD room meshes.

Yup,the rooms only changes when you look away or it is out of the camera's fog,it will change the arrangement / type of the rooms!

I already have a program that can create room meshes easily!
This sounds amazing! I fully support rooms changing behind me, as I tend to get lost anyways, it would be kind of a way to have a chance of maybe easily finding a room again, without making it too easy- as in, "Oh, I need this room, is that it? Is that it?" And the endless possibilities of exploration are amazing to think about!
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