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BJFowLer wrote:Hello! I'm one of the head devs. I won't give an exact date, but look forward to it in the coming months.
Thank you.
Cool; looks real awesome, I hope we get to see it before the end of the year!
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Re: 610-Flesh that Hates

I am on good terms with the developer and I can confirm that this game is still very much alive. Locking request denied.

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Re: 610-Flesh that Hates

Hi all!

BJFowler here! I'm sure many of you are wondering "What ever did happen to The Flesh that Hates?" "Why is the website down, is the game dead..?" Well, no. We're not dead yet. I can't say much here, it's a long, long, drawn out story. I will make a larger post explaining everything in detail later, but the simple answer is that I and Lotims began dealing with other stuff in our lives and that got in the way. On top of that the other members are also working on a retail title unrelated to anything about the Foundation. I thought for a long time if continuing 610 was really worth it, should I push on with the new game..ext. After awhile of long, thoughtful consideration; I came to the conclusion that dropping SCP-610 as a fan game would be very unfair to all of you, and anyone else who supported the project. So, that being said I will be continuing to develop SCP-610 in my personal time while overseeing the new project.
Thank you all for your support. Oh one last thing...

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