Re: Source Engine Remake of SCP-CB

Vulpest wrote:
yonzo_rikuo wrote:source 2 confirmed, half life 3 confirmed but scp cb 1.1 and live action?
For the record, I saw an article where Half Life 3 was a possibility, not a confirmation. Don't jump to conclusions just yet.

By the way, Hebbo, who is we?
Well, lets say i work with someone else who also has experience with the source engine/mapping.
Sorry for late reply btw.
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Re: SCP Mobile Task Force (Source Engine)

Child Muncher wrote:Just to say, that guard in the image looks very similar to this:

I hope you haven't been taking things without permission...
No we haven't :) On the link is a reskin of a Counter Strike Model. (ct_gign)
We took the same model from CS and reskinned it ourselfes and changed the model a bit.

Valve allows the use of their content for mods if the mod is not commercial. Ours is not so it is fine.
SCP Mobile Task Force Mod