Re: Six-Eight-Two

Cridone wrote:
MaxyJackass133 wrote:I really wanted the SCP-682 textures, but the problem is, Divinity doesn't have the time to give people their assets. I'm just afraid that he says ''NO!'', maybe he can make another copy of the model, but he just started a project.
2 things.
1. Divinity is a company, so say "they".
2. Divinity created the model, and it's their intellectual property. They wouldn't give you the model/texture.
3. Everything related with the SCP Foundation is created using the Creative Commons license.
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Re: Six-Eight-Two

Cridone wrote:
Juicy wrote:They aren't forced to give anything but it's in their game and you should be able to use it if you show the name of the original author/company, unless he tells you to not do that.
Good, you can't get the model anyways.

Unity compresses everything in to a folder called "[game name here]_Data".
That's another story, Unity wasn't made to be used with CC.
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JELlengendz Played It!!!

The Plague Docter wrote:This looks like a really good game, I told Markiplier about it and he said if he gets the time he will play it. So do you get to team up With Other MTF to fight 682?
That's really cool. I also asked him to play this game too a week ago, so that's another request that'll make him want to see what the game is about.
Edit: Holy Crap JELlegendz Played It! Here it is:
I requested he played it and he did!!!
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